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About Lee Sorg


I am a fused glass artist and have worked as an artist and designer all my life. Trained as a graphic artist, my professional career centered on graphic design and environmental graphics both in the role of creative director and as a business entrepreneur.

My fine art focus has always been an exploration of abstract lines, forms, and colors. When I discovered fused glass, I knew I had found a dynamic creative medium that would allow me to continue this exploration and express myself beyond the traditional two-dimensional format.

With glass as my chosen tool for artistic communication, I’ve developed a couple of distinctive techniques that I enjoy using to express my art. I like to harness transparent glass chips and shapes into forms that are both functional and sculptural. The transparent glass allows natural light to amplify and surround each piece and thereby magnifying their presence. I also enjoy using vitrigraph glass strands and cut-glass circles to explore simple and elegant expression of line, shape, and color.

There is an abundance of scrap glass that is a by-product of creating glass artwork. I am now upcycling these scraps into abstract glass melts and incorporating the melts into my finished artwork — the result is not only 'green', but visually alluring and dynamic.

It gives me pleasure to create glass art pieces that add beauty and culture to the environments that surrounds them — be that a home, business, or public space.

I currently live and operate my studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan.